Bespoke detailing and valeting services

keeping your pride and joy to the highest standards

Welcome to That Detailing Guy’s website, formally known as JW detailing

Based on Bangor Co.Down, we have a passion of motors and all things pristine. What started off as a hobby, then a part time job, is now a full time business since 2018.

We offer a tailored service to transform and protect your pride and joy. From the smallest of jobs like a safe wash, to a concourse week long job, we cover it all when it comes to detailing. We have worked on some amazing cars from every corner of the country and have made a lot of friends along the way. We take pride in not only our work, but our customer service too. We want to give you an experience rather than a job as we treat every vehicle as if it’s our own.

With building customer relationships over the years, we also have built relationships with like minded tradesmen. This means we can offer a one stop shop with competitive prices. To save you the hassle we can do everything in-house from window tinting, wrapping, alloy refurb etc

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and hope to see you soon




Protection Detail

A package aimed at cleansing the paintwork before adding protection to last, whilst improving the overall appearance of your car with a very light machine polish

Enhancement Detail

A single stage machine polish aimed at removing light/medium defects in the paintwork, giving the car a big lift in appearance – usually around 50-60% correction (condition depending)

Minor Correction Detail

A 2 stage machine polish, a cutting stage and a refinement. This would usually remove 70-80% of the defects in your paintwork (condition depending)

Major Correction Detail

A multi stage machine polish to get the paintwork as close to 100% defect free as possible


Through manufacturing, transportation and dealership prep it is not a surprise that some surface marks can appear. We will take your car and make sure it’s sitting the way a brand new car should.